Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

The Coastal Table

The Coastal Table is a big departure from Gourmet Recipes for One, but a project that I’m so proud of I wanted to share it with you here as well. The book, which is inspired by the coastal region of southern New England where I live, has been 2 years in the making…and is finally here!

The Coastal Table is filled with over 120 recipes that update and modernize traditional New England fare, dishes for casual beach days, sophisticated outdoor entertaining, and simple, everyday meals that celebrate the epicurean heritage of this breathtaking coastal region. It also includes contributions by New England’s finest chefs from Newport to Ogunquit, and is for anyone who yearns for the New England seaside—and its flavors—all year round. And I hope you’ll check it out.

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Advance Praise

“New Englanders have long known that the South Coast of Massachusetts and Rhode Island is one of America’s best hidden gems for food lovers. Now Karen Covey is sharing our secret with the rest of the world, bringing this bountiful community to light in the pages of her beautiful book. Her love for her adopted home is palpable and her recipes reflect the sensibility of the place: vibrant but unfussy, grounded in the land and its bounty, elegantly simple. I’ll be cooking from this book through every season.”

— Amy Traverso, senior food and home editor of Yankee Magazine, author of The Apple Lover’s Cookbook

“Karen Covey has perfectly captured the spirit of the Farm Coast. Whether sharing her knowledge of local ingredients, the stories behind our favorite food artisans and purveyors, recipes from our favorite chefs, or her own delectable recipes, The Coastal Table is a celebration of the bounty of the region, its unique flavors, and the coastal lifestyle…”

— Amy McCoy, author of Poor Girl Gourmet: Eat in Style on a Bare-Bones Budget

“When I think of Southern New England, I think of fresh seafood and briny oysters, fruit orchards and cranberry bogs just miles from the shore, and vintage recipes passed like precious heirlooms through generations. Karen Covey offers a fresh twist on all of this in The Coastal Table. Her modern approach to the area’s most classic recipes gets me thrilled for warm summer days when only a farmers’ market stroll and a beach picnic will do.”
— Maggie Battista, founder and publisher of

“This book truly makes me proud to call New England home.”
— Matt Varga, Chef, Gracie’s, Providence, RI

“This book is pure inspiration! It has been beautifully created…the photos and commentaries on various southern New England places are equally informative and alluring. I don’t think there is a recipe in it that I wouldn’t want to try. BRAVO!”
— Lydia Hart, Westwinds Bookshop, Duxbury, MA