Pizza Hut and its interactive smart table! 5 (1)

Pizza Hut together with Chaotic Moon Studios presents its new interactive table to order your pizza! Right there you can choose the size, the border, the ingredients and customize it as you want with just the touch of your fingers, as if it were an iPad or a giant smartphone.

This smart table will put at your disposal several games so you can hang out while your order arrives 🙂

It will also allow you to pay the bill just by placing your cell phone on it and choosing the payment method with one touch.

This new concept will be available in the USA in the states of Rhode Island and Nebraska and depending on its acceptance it will be expanded to other states. Love it! I already want to try it !!

6 Fruits that we have always cut wrong 0 (0)

If you thought that you had always cut fruit well, the answer is No! No friends .. we were all wrong for years!

Advancing something, the orange is not cut in half, the strawberry is not cut the stem.

The Pin? It is not sliced ​​either, and the mango … that was a surprise to me.
Watch the video on my youtube channel or below in this post and you will know what I’m talking about 🙂


I have almost ready 03 new courses for you! 0 (0)

cursos- panecillos, pasta y cupcakes

I was not lost! 🙂 I was planning some courses for you that I know you are going to get a lot out of because you will learn different techniques in each one of them. And the best thing is that you can do them wherever and whenever you want because they are online! There are three, and you can sign up for whoever you want!

Course 01: Roll and Roll Making Techniques To see the content of the 7 lessons click here or on the photo:

Course 02: Homemade Pasta To see the content of the 6 lessons click here or on the photo:

Course 03: How to prepare the Perfect Cupcake To see the content of the 7 lessons click here or on the photo: