Mon. Nov 28th, 2022


Ebooks What could be better than making yourself a delicious meal in minutes, and with only 5 ingredients or less!? Well, we’ve got you covered with our
5-ingredient ebook! It’s packed with quick, easy + NO-FUSS recipes, all in perfect quantities for one, and ready for you to make in just minutes.

At Gourmet Recipes For One we bring digital format files specially programmed to be read and interpreted by electronic devices (Ebooks). In a first stage, these files are reproduced, above all, in electronic ink and touch screen readers, called eReaders.

These devices have evolved a lot and today you find them of all kinds, even resistant to water or colors.

But nowadays, it can be read on practically all the devices that exist: computers, Smartphones, tablets, etc. You can simply buy it from online stores, download it and read it anywhere, anytime.

Finally, it must be borne in mind that an ebook is not a clone of the paper book, nor is it made by exporting this file to another. From now on we will see their structure and that they are valid for downloading epubs.

the 5-ingredient ebook includes:

  • over 50 EASY recipes, ranging from breakfast to dessert.
  • basic cooking techniques that can easily be adapted to other ingredients.
  • ideas for healthy swap-outs on more traditional recipes.
  • recipes for easy entertaining (because sometimes food is meant to be shared!)

Purchase the iPad version of the 5-ingredient ebook for $5.99.

Purchase the print version of the 5-ingredient ebook on Blurb.