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About Gourmet Recipes for One, our history, our experiences and how we help bring good food to your kitchen 

About Gourmet Recipes for One

My first job at the restaurant was scooping ice cream. Not very glamourous I’ll admit, but when you’re really little, you’ll take what you can get. But it was certainly more fun than some of the other jobs I had there, like dishwashing, which you might expect was not very fun at all. I grew to love the environment of being there: the people, the crazy pace of it all and the smells that would come from pots simmering all day on the stove.

“There are only three things women need in life: food, water, and compliments.”

At home, I would follow my mother around the kitchen and ask her all sorts of questions about whatever she was doing. When she was planning a dinner party we would gather some of her hand-torn magazine clippings and favorite cookbooks and sit at the table, creating the menu for her party. It was here that I learned how to entertain and the importance of making your guests feel welcome. My mother was all about the details. Right down to knowing the likes and dislikes of all of her guests. I learned all of that from her. And more. I treasure her tattered old copy of the Joy of Cooking and her old recipe box filled with handwritten recipes. They are the ties that keep me bonded to her.

Despite how much I loved food, I never dreamed of a career in it. I wanted to be a designer. I studied art and painting as a child and grew up wanting to be an artist. It was in college however, that I fell in love publishing during an internship at a local magazine. I got my first publishing job right out of college and spent the better part of my career in the field. I made the shift from editorial into creative and went to go work at a small design studio in Boston. After a long working relationship with one of the clients, she asked me to join her in the launch of a start-up food magazine. I jumped at the opportunity and couldn’t wait to combine both of my passions in one medium.

During my eight years at the magazine, I learned about the fine art of food and prop styling and how to photograph food. I was also able to travel and write, and visited such amazing places as Paris, Australia, Scotland, Sonoma, California and Park City, Utah. Food experiences I’ll never forget.

I nad an idea About Gourmet Recipes for One as a way to document what I was cooking at home, just for myself. I started writing down notes and creating recipes…in small quantities…just for me. I created different recipes with the same ingredients so I wouldn’t have to eat the same meal all week, as many single people do. And what developed over time was my own collection of quick and easy recipes, in perfect portions for one.

What I learned along the way is that a well-stocked pantry is the secret to a quick and easy meal anytime you need it. The recipes on the blog are meant to inspire you to cook something new and different every night of the week because cooking for yourself should be just as rewarding as cooking for others. The recipes are designed to be light and healthy, with a few guilty pleasures mixed in (but in individual portions) because I also learned that I never want to be deprived of mac + cheese, I just don’t want to eat it all week. The simple pleasure of a good, healthy meal is something to truly savor and enjoy. I hope this website inspires you as well.

– Gourmet Recipes For One